At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, we know how meaningful connections to other people in recovery can be for your recovery process. Our goal is to support your growth as you continue on the journey to sobriety. When you complete one of our treatment programs, we help you ease your way into your new life. Being around other people who are also recovering from a dual diagnosis can be uplifting and encouraging. To learn more about our alumni program in Arizona, contact Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center today. 

Benefits of Joining an Alumni Program

One advantage of an alumni program at Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center is that doing so helps you protect your progress. With a group of people around you who care about you and understand what you’re going through, you’re less likely to relapse. You can lean on the people around you when life’s struggles get you down, and you want to turn to drugs or alcohol again. 

In addition, during an alumni program in Arizona, you can learn how to live life without drugs or alcohol. Through our events and opportunities to meet up with other alumni, you learn how to have fun without using drugs or alcohol. 

During these activities, you’ll maintain your sobriety and build lifelong relationships. An alumni program is an excellent way to meet people who are going through the same things you are. You won’t feel the need to explain why you don’t drink, or to feel embarrassed when the rest of your friends want to use drugs or alcohol. In short, you have the freedom to be yourself without having to overcome those problems. 

An alumni program allows you to stay busy and learn new relapse prevention techniques. When you connect with other people who struggle with dual diagnosis, you keep yourself accountable. Additionally, you are more motivated to maintain your recovery and stick to your goals. 

Get Treatment at Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center

At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, we treat people who struggle with both an addiction and a mental illness. Treatment experts call this condition having a dual diagnosis. According to recent research, over 9 million Americans struggled with a substance use disorder and a mental illness in 2018. 

It is crucial to treat both afflictions at the same time. An untreated addiction can lead to your mental health disorders getting worse, or even developing additional illnesses. Alternatively, if you only treat the substance dependency, the symptoms of your mental illness will come back full-force. You may feel that the only way to overcome them is to go back to your addiction, which will lead to a relapse. 

Some treatment facilities offer dual diagnosis treatment as a side program. However, at Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, we focus solely on people who struggle with mental illness. Through our programs, we help you overcome both of these ailments. We give you the tools you need to maintain your recovery. In addition, we also help you set up continuing care after you complete our treatment program. 

We use a variety of holistic and evidence-based therapies in your addiction treatment. Evidence-based therapies are therapeutic methods that addiction treatment experts have researched and studied. As a result, we have proof that they work. Conversely, holistic approaches are therapies that we use to treat the entire person, mind, body, and soul. With a combination of these therapies, we give you the best chance for a successful recovery.

We offer a variety of addiction treatment programs, including:

To learn more about our alumni program in Arizona, or to enroll in treatment, contact Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center today at 855.746.3633.