a person taking drugs without knowing Dangers of Self-Medicating for Trauma

Dangers of Self-Medication for Trauma

Healing from trauma is an extremely complicated process. Forgetting about it doesn’t work. Directing your attention elsewhere doesn’t work. Drinking and drugs might provide temporary relief, but they won’t help you heal. That’s where we come in. At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center we want to help trauma survivors get past the issues they’re still facing.…

a young girl hiding while not knowing about Childhood Trauma and Addiction

Childhood Trauma and Addiction

If you’ve experienced trauma in your childhood and you’re struggling with addiction as an adult, that’s not surprising. Childhood trauma and addiction are linked in many ways because addiction is used as a coping mechanism for all the unhealed trauma that you’re still trying to process. Getting through that trauma can take time and effort, but…

doctors discussing commonly abused prescription drugs

Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Commonly abused prescription drugs are often as dangerous as “street” substances, yet they’re widely available. A drug that’s safe or essential to take when you have a particular condition can become deadly when taken for pleasure instead. Since these medications are prescribed by doctors and dispensed by pharmacies, there’s a common misconception they’re somehow safer…

a group therapy session explaining what is a process addiction

What is a Process Addiction?

Most people think of addiction as solely a chemical or substance-based problem. However, the human brain can latch on to nearly any soothing or pleasing behavior and form an addiction. Process addictions usually don’t involve specific substances, but they still cause adverse effects. A person struggling with a process addiction may lose friends, struggle to maintain romantic…