a therapist assists in treating a dual diagnosis in drug rehab

Dual Diagnosis in Drug Rehab: What You Need

Dual diagnosis in drug rehab occurs when a person who uses drugs or alcohol also has a mental health disorder. The 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 9.2 million adults in the U.S. suffered from both mental illness and drug abuse. It may be common, but it is also one of the…

a woman leans against a wall as she struggles with addiction and mental illness

Addiction and Mental Illness: You May Be Struggling with Both

Substance use disorder can happen for many reasons. Sometimes, mental illness is the cause of addiction. Other times, addiction can lead to the development of mental health disorders. In all cases of addiction and mental illness, both conditions need proper treatment in order for a person to recovery. At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, our team…

a woman frowns as she struggles with the subtle signs of depression

Subtle Signs of Depression: Is Your Loved One Struggling?

Some people believe depression is pronounced. You may think a depressed person is always crying, sad, and unable to get out of bed. Sometimes, that’s true. Other times, there are subtle signs of depression harder to notice, but that can be an early warning for help. At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, we aim to help…