Why Viewpoint

Why Choose Viewpoint Dual Recovery

The premier Extended Treatment Program in the United States for individuals with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse, we offer a program dedicated to dual diagnosis.  This allows us to provide a more individualized, focused and supportive treatment environment, which is ultimately more effective.  Most programs focus on substance abuse and treat mental illness as a secondary issue.  We believe that without properly addressing mental illness through appropriate medication and therapy, any attempts to recover from addiction are ineffective.  We believe this is often why individuals with dual diagnosis are unsuccessful in recovery and find themselves attending multiple treatment centers.  With Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, you or your loved one are not treated as the exception, but are surrounded by people who understand or share their challenges.  Our treatment team consists of caring professionals who possess a combination of clinical and firsthand experiences, which guarantees an understanding, healing, educational and practical recovery plan.

Our unique focus and team of experts allows us to work in conjunction with other treatment centers to support the needs of those clients who have struggled to find help at non-dual diagnosis focused programs.

  • Tested and Proven True Dual Diagnosis Program
  • Affordable and Accepts Most Major Insurance
  • 24 Hour Access to Staff
  • Experienced Treatment Staff
  • Long-Term Program with Transition Assistance
  • Addresses Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional Health
  • Cutting Edge Therapies
  • On-Staff Psychiatrist
  • State Licensed and Nationally Accredited

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IOP at Viewpoint
Our Intensive Outpatient Program for long-term treatment focuses on Dual Diagnosis

Call Us 877-777-5150Our Outpatient Program offers many of the same benefits of our Extended Treatment Program, but in a less intensive and structured environment. Every week our outpatient clients attend three group therapy sessions in addition to an individual session with one of our therapists for an average of eight weeks (program duration dependent on client’s progress). Clients live at home and travel to the Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, located in Prescott Arizona.