Executive Team


amy fackrellAmy Fackrell, JD, MACP —Executive Director

Amy Fackrell made a commitment to meet the needs of individuals who face mental illness and substance abuse diagnoses. Amy has been active in 12-step recovery programs for some time and is committed to helping those who want to make a lifestyle change. Amy Fackrell was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had to face some difficult realities as a result. After practicing law in California and Texas since 1990, Amy made the decision to leave the law and devote herself to helping those who did not know how to help themselves. In the hopes of learning more about her disorder and with the desire to help those suffering with mental illness, Amy decided to further her professional training and received her Master’s Degree in Counseling/Psychology.



NovicoffCarolyn Novicoff —Program Director

Carolyn Novicoff has devoted her professional life to working with individuals and families with multiple diagnoses. After finishing her course work for a doctorate in Education, she accepted the challenge of working as Associate Executive Director for Father Flanagan’s Boys’ Home. Her responsibilities were implementing and overseeing 16 different sites in 12 states outside of the Omaha, Nebraska headquarters. She is delighted to be part of the Viewpoint program having seen the tremendous need for such dual diagnosis programs across the country.



curt fackrellCurt Fackrell —Chief Financial Officer

Curt Fackrell has had his own struggles with dual diagnosis issues and is also committed to giving back to the recovery community. Curt completed his Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling certification and hopes to not only help those confronting substance abuse but also hopes to help those people close to the dual diagnosis client.



Dr.Julia Summers PhD, LPCDr. Julia Summers PhD, LPC

Dr. Julia Summers an eight year licensed professional counselor with a PhD in family counseling. Dr.Julia summers specializes in Dialectical Behavioral therapy to provide mental health services for dual diagnosis and borderline clients including strategies to deal with struggles, challenges with relapse, and management of emotions. Dr. Summers has presented numerous stress management DBT strategies, and wellness seminars to provide awareness to promote mental and physical wellness. Dr. Julia summer conducts weekly DBT groups for clients in recovery.

Dr. Summers has practiced in community mental health for ten years serving children, parents, couples, families, and individuals and families struggling with substance abuse and numerous life challenges. Dr. Summer’s therapeutic philosophy is a positive strength and strategy based clinician to assist clients and families in healing. Currently she is in private practice in Prescott Arizona.

Dr. Summer’s passion and expertise in regards to stressors inherent in the mental health workplace has provided valuable information and strategies for wellness. In addition, as a Subject Matter Expert for the state of California working on the topic of ethics she has come to appreciate the impact of management of stress, management of emotions, linked to quality of care for clients.

Dr. Summers uses hands on approach during her seminars and groups for participants to actively use information presented and apply to specific circumstances and workplace challenges. Dr. Summers is passionate that being a mental health worker is a rewarding and challenging job and it is an ethical responsibility for clinicians to recognize and manage their stress to serve as a positive role model for clients and enhance their quality of care for clients and achieve their own personal health and wellness.


Dr_Lloyd_GillumLloyd R. Gillum, Ed.D, LPC

Dr. Gillum holds a Doctorate Degree with an emphasis in Counseling and is licensed by the State of Arizona as a Professional Counselor. Dr. Gillum has been in the mental health field for 30 years as an administrator, educator, clinical director and clinician where the focus has been substance abuse, mental illness, compulsive sexual behaviors, and other disruptive behavior disorders. Dr. Gillum has had proven success supervising bachelor and masters level clinicians. He has worked extensively with difficult clients individually and in group settings, in hospitals, private practice environments, school districts, treatment centers, and community agencies.



20150130_Veiwpoint Recovery-66-webBilly Bilbray, LASAC

Billy earned his undergraduate degree from University of San Diego in Business Administration and his Masters Degree in Addiction Counseling from Grand Canyon University. With over 10 years in the Recovery Industry, Billy has a thorough understanding of what it takes to be successful in recovery.

Billy is married to his beautiful wife, Ginney and they have a 17 year old son, Kyle. Billy and Ginney love watching classic movies together. Billy and Kyle train together as power lifters and Billy also plays a lot of softball in a feeble attempt to stay young!

Operational Team

John Baumgartner —Director of Operations

John Baumgartner studied at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND and has been in the recovery industry since 2009. John is a Last Chance Intervention member and has committed his life to giving back and helping others that struggle with the disease of addiction, he is also an active member in the 12-step community in Prescott. John started working at Viewpoint as a house manger and has worked his way up. John works closely with all clients and coordinates their daily activities and individual schedules while efficiently maintaining the operation of this business.

Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center Comprehensive Staff List

Amy Fackrell, JD, MACP —Executive Director
Curt Fackrell —Chief Financial Officer
Carolyn Novicoff —Program Director
Bevan Gottlieb, LISAC —Clinical Director
Billy Bilbray —Primary Therapist
Dr. Terry A. Vaughan, MD
Barbara Brooks NMD
Dr. Julia Summers, PH.D, LPC —DBT Therapist
Dr. Lloyd Gillum, Ed.D, LPC —Sexual Addiction Therapist
John Baumgartner —Director of Operations