Tom J

At 36, my life was over. I had been fired from a great job, lost my family, the house, my world went to hell quickly. After trying several rehabs and relapsing, I went to Viewpoint where I was properly diagnosed with ADHD and addiction. Viewpoint gave me my life back; actually a better life. Love, authentic relationships with my family, faith and happiness are really what’s important to me now. Now I can manage my medication so I can stay sober! Thank you Viewpoint, I owe you my life!!!

Anna P

The dynamics of addressing my core issues, re-parenting myself, and learning a new way of life were some of the ways Viewpoint helped me.   I could approach anyone on Viewpoint’s staff, any time, and sure enough they could relate! Many knew what it was like growing up in a violent home, and have addressed trauma themselves as part of their own recovery. Finally, diagnosed with Schizophrenia, I was able to get the clinical treatment I needed so that I could get sober.  I thank my higher-power every day for Viewpoint.

Sarah R

My life today is rewarding, and I show up for it each day.  Going back to college is a reality today.  I choose to stick around Prescott, because of the young people in this recovering community.  I see others in recovery on campus and know that none of this would have happened without Viewpoint’s dual recovery program, the compassionate staff and hard work.

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