“I came to Viewpoint at 65 years old and most of the other clients were half my age. We all got along great and the program was strong. The groups were excellent and diversified. I would recommend Viewpoint for anyone who is serious about recovery.”

—Bart J. 66, Alcoholism, Mood Disorder


“My name is Nanci. I have been at Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center for seven months. Prior to going to Viewpoint I was at another treatment center. The treatment I received was what I would call cookie cutter treatment. I remained sober but something was missing.

Viewpoint changed my life. They taught me coping skills for life. The program is individualized. They not only addressed my addiction but also as a whole treated my mind, body & spirit. The program is a 12 Step program entangled with awesome groups and individual therapy (including art classes, nutrition classes and physical fitness like yoga and gym privileges for those that are interested).

I am truly blessed to be here where people really do care about my well-being. I now have the confidence to face the world.”

—Nanci D -53 – Alcoholism, Depression


“I grew up knowing I was different.  Somehow I never fit in.  By the age of 12 my parents had taken me to doctors, and more doctors.  The drugs they gave me weren’t working, so I started experimenting on my own.  One party turned into rape, and I had to keep that secret around too.  After being sent to a 28-day DETOX program or face jail, I got off drugs and alcohol for a few weeks, but my moods were all over the place and I didn’t know what was STILL wrong with me.  So I again escaped into drugs.

Today, I know my issues were more than my addiction; I suffered from untreated bipolar disorder and PTSD from sexual abuse. Furthermore I grew up in a home that kept secrets and expressing emotions was taboo.

Until Viewpoint, I never had the opportunity to address all the areas that were pertinent for me to live! From the first day, I sensed this was no-cookie-cutter program. I sensed I had a chance.

An individualized treatment plan was created that addressed all of my needs. I was able to confront all of my guilt, pain and trauma. I no longer isolate and choose destructive behavior. I finally have forgiven myself and can live free of guilt, anger and hurt!

Viewpoint Dual Recovery staff provided a safe and unique environment where healing could take place. I began to have positive self-worth, and began to embrace life than escape from it.

My life today is rewarding, and I show up for it each day.  Going back to college is a reality today.  I choose to stick around Prescott, because of the young people in this recovering community.  I see others in recovery on campus and know that none of this would have happened without Viewpoint’s dual recovery program, the compassionate staff and hard work.”

—Sarah R., 28 PTSD survivor, bipolar, and recovering addict

“Finally, after 3 other treatment centers someone listened.  I knew I had it rough growing up, parents yelling, fighting all the time, and hating school.  However, I had to stop the blame game, and take control back.  Today I still don’t have control, but I now understand why I am the way I am. Some of my intense fears originated when I was really young. The dynamics of addressing my core issues, re-parenting myself, and learning a new way of life were some of the ways Viewpoint helped me.   I could approach anyone on Viewpoint’s staff, any time, and sure enough they could relate! Many knew what it was like growing up in a violent home, and have addressed trauma themselves as part of their own recovery. Finally, diagnosed with Schizophrenia, I was able to get the clinical treatment I needed so that I could get sober.  I thank that my higher-power every day for Viewpoint.”

—Anna P. 25  Schizophrenia -Recovering Alcoholic

“At 36, my life was over.  I had been fired from a great job, lost my family, the house, my world went to hell quickly.  I didn’t use street drugs growing up; but after a car accident, and multiple surgeries; I ended up addicted to pain pills.  After trying several rehabs and relapsing, I went to Viewpoint where I was properly diagnosed with ADHD and Addiction. Viewpoint gave me my life back; actually a better life. Love, authentic relationships with my family, faith and happiness are really what’s important to me now.  Now I can manage my medication so I can stay sober! Thank you Viewpoint, I owe you my life!!!”

—Tom J. 36, ADHD – Recovering Addict

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