Accurate diagnosis, determined through our team of licensed clinicians, is the foundation of our program. A thorough evaluation is performed at the beginning of everyone’s treatment and continues with extensive collaboration between our clinical team and our clients. Equipped with the correct diagnosis, individuals avoid unnecessary or inappropriate treatment, and allows them to begin the process of thoroughly understanding their diagnosis, providing a solid foundation for recovery. By properly assessing and addressing any existing mental illnesses upfront, and integrating its proper treatment, recovery from substance abuse becomes possible. Client understanding of any long-term challenges and realities with a dual diagnosis is critical for their ability to heal, and ultimately, succeed in their recovery.


Upon having a thorough, clinical, understanding of the individual needs of our clients, our staff then continues to address the origins of their challenges utilizing the most proven and evidence-based therapies available. Intensive and ongoing therapeutic work from various approaches helps individuals break through the root causes of their own issues. The therapeutic modalities that are incorporated into Viewpoints programming specifically focus on mood, anxiety, and trauma which are also highly effective at treating personality disorders and those with serious mental illness diagnosis.


As understanding and healing progresses, Viewpoints team empowers each client with education surrounding their dual diagnosis and provides clinical and proven tools to guide them in managing their lives in recovery. During this time our clients are taught: Mood Management, Healthy Relationships, Problem Solving, Self-Care, Health and Nutrition, Money Management, and Job Securement supporting a sustainable, healthy lifestyle after treatment. While incorporating psycho-education with life skills training, clients and clinicians can collaborate to identify previous obstacles that may have prevented successful recovery in the past and create a solid plan for success after completing treatment.


Throughout the recovery process, our team works diligently to incorporate love and encouragement to each client and their supportive loved ones. Many of our clients suffer from poor self-worth and core self-esteem issues, often based in feelings of shame and guilt. Each staff member is dedicated to creating a positive and safe environment within treatment so that each client can recognize the strong and capable individual within them. Viewpoint extends this support to the families of our clients, through family programming and therapy, allowing the family unit to heal and be a solid part of securing achieving long-term recovery.


Each client is learning a new way to live, which can feel very challenging. For this reason, we provide a long-term, structured and nurturing environment for our clients to grow using their new set of tools. This is a crucial component of our program as it can take time to form new and lasting pathways in the brain. Our compassionate approach to client care affords unique experience where individuals can learn from their mistakes. Clients newly acquired tools are incorporated in plans for continued support and development upon their graduation from our program. The goal of each team member at Viewpoint is to afford every individual a smooth transition into their best life possible.