If you have a loved one whose mental health condition makes it difficult or impossible for them to be independent, Viewpoint can help. Easy access to therapy, medication management, and an inclusive community can help clients feel successful and accepted. While our primary focus at Viewpoint is mental health, we are also able to provide assistance to dual diagnosis clients. We find that many of our patients with mental health conditions begin engaging in recreational drug use to fit in or feel normal. While experimentation is a normal part of life for many American young people, even small amounts of alcohol and drugs can cause significant impairments in people struggling with mental health conditions.

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A person struggling with a mental health condition may be more susceptible to developing a substance use disorder. They may knowingly use drugs to cope with feelings they don’t understand. Or a person may engage in normal teenage experimentation and find themselves unable to control their drug use. At Viewpoint, we take a whole-person approach to dual diagnosis treatment. Treatment is based on the goals of the client and the client’s family. Contact us today by calling 855.746.3633 to find out if our community is right for your loved one.

Connected Alumni Program

Our goal is to provide a place of healing and independence for people struggling with mental health and medication management. After completing their treatment programs, many of our clients decide to join our residential alumni program. Unlike a traditional Prescott sober living home, Viewpoint’s residential alumni program is specifically designed to support people with mental health concerns. If your loved one feels isolated due to a mental health issue, our inclusive community offers plenty of activities and social events to keep them engaged and connected. Our staff at Viewpoint takes care of therapy, transportation, medication management, and life skills training. In the right balance of structure and independence, our clients thrive in this remarkable long-term program.

Prescott Alternative Mental Health Care

At Viewpoint, we offer one of the highest-quality mental health treatment options in the country. When you visit Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, you can choose from a wide variety of care options. We believe that care options must be as diverse as possible to ensure success. Just a few options to consider for your care include:

  • Psychological care
  • Medication management
  • Specialty Programming
  • Holistic care
  • Residential alumni program

Our staff at Viewpoint truly cares about every patient who walks through our doors. We strive to really know our patients and are committed to treating the whole person rather than just treating the disorder.

Psychological Care & Medication Management

Viewpoint is one of the most trusted dual diagnosis co-ed mental health centers in both the region and the state. Our professionals fully understand how to help you manage mental health and substance use concerns. We staff highly qualified, dedicated counselors who provide a high level of care for those who need it. Our staff specializes in helping people with personality disorders, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other psychiatric concerns.

By working with us, you put yourself in a great position to increase independence and life satisfaction. We offer the following treatment programs at our Prescott mental health rehabilitation center:

Contact Viewpoint for Long-Term Dual Diagnosis Care

At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, your loved one will receive total-person care. Our holistic approach encourages healing and connection. Though it can be hard to take that first step, our team is skilled at helping people navigate the waters of Arizona dual diagnosis treatment. To help your loved one begin the next chapter of their life, contact us today at 855.746.3633.