Substance abuse has become an epidemic in the United States. As this epidemic spreads, mental healthcare providers must adapt to provide treatment that adequately addresses substance use disorder alongside co-occurring mental health conditions. Thankfully, our mental health and substance abuse treatment center can help. Read on to learn more about how our inclusive, professional, and progress-driven mental health treatment programs can help people manage their medications and make progress in their personal and professional lives. 

Mental Health Concerns & Substance Abuse

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Drug addiction is a problem that can affect just about anybody at any time. The dangers of this problem spread beyond the physical and emotional – many people experience real spiritual damage as well. Therefore, it is crucial to know how substance abuse treatment programs can help you. Just a few benefits that they provide include how they:

  • Assess the danger level of addiction – Learn how seriously drug dependence has impacted your life
  • Discover treatment methods – Brainstorm ways to manage this health problem with care specialists
  • Manage emotional concerns – Difficult emotional reactions to drug use may make a dual-diagnosis treatment necessary
  • Avoid health problems – Medical experts need to adequately evaluate a person’s physical health and maintain it during rehabilitation
  • Manage trigger problems – People who abuse drugs often have triggers that cause them to use, such as people or places

All of these benefits make a mental health and substance abuse treatment center critical for those with a substance use disorder. Addiction is no laughing matter, and you need to seek effective treatment. By visiting us at Viewpoint, you increase your chances of full recovery and put yourself in a better position for maximum health.

Levels of Arizona Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Treatment for drug addiction takes on multiple levels. First, detox and nutritional care help to keep the body healthy during the rest of your treatment. These options often start a typical rehabilitation journey and keep a person focused on their overall recovery.

After this treatment, you need to address your mental and spiritual health. Care for these concerns usually includes psychological care and constructive advice. By adequately managing every level of addiction, rehabilitation helps you to heal as a total person.

How We Can Help You

At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, we have years of experience helping people like you. Our professionals fully understand the dangers of drug dependence. Additionally, we have created a myriad of programs that can help you manage a substance abuse disorder. For example, just a few benefits of our substance abuse treatment center include:

  • Dual-diagnosis care – We specialize in helping our clients achieve their addiction and the underlying mental health concerns at the same time
  • Psychologists on staff – Our professional psychologists understand addiction and can help you fully recover
  • Personality disorder treatment options – Manage borderline personality disorder,OCD, narcissistic, anti-social, and other problems with us
  • Alternative care options – Receive specialized care, such as yoga, art therapy, adventure therapy, and equine therapy, that helps to calm the body and the mind
  • Sober living help – Learn how to stay away from drugs with sober living advice and trigger-management programs

All of these programs can help you recover successfully from substance abuse. First, our staff starts your treatment by checking your physical and emotional health. Then, we will help you detox to clean your body of all substances. After that, we’ll walk you through a detailed program that gives you the best chance of finally beating addiction for good. We have the following substance abuse treatment programs at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center:

We Can Help You Recover

At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, we can give you the help you need to beat addiction. Please call 855.746.3633 today to learn more. Our caring specialists will work hard to ensure that you get the care that you need to recover.