Drug Rehabilitation Center in Arizona for Men

Researchers have long been interested in how sex and gender impact mental health. In the past few decades, interest in men’s mental health has increased dramatically for many reasons. It’s established that men often face a notably higher prevalence of certain mental health challenges than women, yet they are frequently less inclined to seek treatment.

At Viewpoint Dual Recovery, we recognize the importance of gender-specific components in our mental health treatment programs. We’ve observed that some men find it more comfortable discussing sensitive issues in groups comprised exclusively of men, especially at the outset of treatment. If a father, son, brother, cousin, uncle, or any other man in your life is grappling with mental health issues, reach out to Viewpoint Dual Recovery at 855.746.3633. Discover more about our groundbreaking men’s mental health and dual diagnosis programs, including drug rehabilitation in Arizona

Mental Health Issues in the Male Population

a man thinks about tending a mens rehab center in arizona and a mens rehab program in arizonaCertain psychological concerns have a much higher prevalence in men than in women. Current research consistently indicates that men make up around 75% of suicide and 75% of substance use disorder cases in North America.

Mental health issues and substance use disorder impact a wide swath of the male population. Sadly, this has created generations of men suffering from addiction who need treatment to live a happy and stable life again. Thankfully, a men’s dual diagnosis center can help. These facilities provide the kind of care that gives a person like you the chance to overcome the dangers of addiction and to be a happy and healthy person for years to come. And at Viewpoint, we can provide many of these benefits and treatments for you, such as dual diagnosis treatment and more.

In this way, drug abuse is often a more social situation for many men. And the addiction is often very physical for many males, though emotional problems also play an influence. Therefore, it is critical to get high-quality care from a men’s rehabilitation center. Doing so can help you assess this situation accurately and walk away from substances for good. You owe it to yourself to try.

Mental Health Support Groups For Men

These groups provide gender-appropriate care to manage their symptoms. By fully understanding how gender and biology affect addiction, you can improve your mental health. Therefore, our men’s rehabilitation center will:

  • Assess your addiction level – Professional care can gauge the deepness and severity of your dependency
  • Find underlying contributing factors – Many addictions pair with problems such as depression and anxiety to create a tight grip on a person’s life
  • Manage physical health concerns – Your physical health will likely deteriorate when you abuse drugs and leave you in a dangerous state
  • Help you focus on recovery – After your treatment, you can use aftercare options to focus on your long-term health and sobriety – sometimes, this care is necessary for years after rehabilitation.

As you can see, a men’s mental health and dual diagnosis center in Arizona can help you achieve a sense of stability and strength that makes recovery more comfortable. However, you may not know of any rehabilitation centers or aren’t sure which to trust. Thankfully, we at Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center can make this process much easier for you.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Drug Rehabilitation Center in Arizona

If you are suffering from addiction, Viewpoint can help. Our experts make sure to:

  • Provide high-quality dual-diagnosis
  • Give easy access to great psychologists
  • Manage borderline personality disorder and depression, among other complex Psychiatric Conditions
  • Control meth, alcohol, and heroin abuse
  • Ensure our program includes yoga, art, adventure and equine therapy options
  • Treats you like a person and not a statistic

Although women are experiencing addiction at ever-increasing levels, men have often been the most prone to substance abuse. Numerous reasons exist for this situation.

First of all, men are more likely to take unnecessary risks than women, such as trying out drugs. Often, some feel that they have to prove their “toughness” by using dangerous substances with others.

This last point is what makes our men’s rehabilitation center in Arizona so effective. We will tweak your program as needed, check your progress, and work hard to ensure that you are reacting well to your treatments.

Stay Clean for Good with Drug Rehabilitation in Arizona

If you need help from a men’s rehabilitation center, please call 855.746.3633 today. When you contact us at Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, you get access to professionals who fully understand your situation. They can then help you recover in a way that maximizes your success. That’s because we utilize only the most professional and highly-trained staff to meet your healthcare and substance abuse recovery needs. So please let us help you recover the sober life that you deserve.

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