Dealing with trauma, whether it comes from childhood experiences or a recent event, often provokes intense psychological reactions in individuals. People find themselves dealing with painful emotions and physical sensations that impact their ability to lead a healthy life. The trauma therapy program at Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center provides clients with a safe and therapeutic environment in which to deal with their issues. With trauma-informed care, you can overcome your dual diagnosis.

Understanding Trauma and PTSDa woman asks her therapist if she needs a trauma therapy program

Many people undergo traumatic experiences in different ways. Some of the most common forms of trauma they may be exposed to include:

  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Experiences in military combat
  • Domestic violence
  • Childhood neglect
  • An act of nature like a tornado or hurricane
  • Surviving a car or plane accident

Some people find themselves overwhelmed when they attempt to cope with the issues arising from their experience. The long-term effects may produce heightened responses that are out of proportion to a situation.

Trauma may also affect a person’s physical well-being. People dealing with the fallout from intense trauma may experience the following problems:

  • Neurological
  • Abnormal sleep patterns
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Feelings of pain in their bones and muscle
  • Respiratory distress

Many people turn to substance abuse as a way of self-medicating the mental and physical issues arising from their traumatic event. That’s why it’s essential for people to find help through a trauma therapy program that looks at the entirety of a person’s experience. Understanding the root of the problem is vital to helping people find long-term coping solutions.

Treatment for Trauma

At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, we work hard to provide a supportive environment for our clients. Our trauma therapy program focuses on helping people feel safe in opening up to our psychotherapists and exposing their vulnerabilities.

Since so many of our clients also deal with substance abuse issues, we focus on crafting treatment plans aimed at treating every aspect of their illness. We pride ourselves on being an exemplary dual diagnosis center. Many people also have other mental disorders that exist alongside their trauma. Our facility, combined with our trauma therapy program, is both uniquely suited to helping clients work through all aspects of their illness.

We may use our trauma therapy program alongside a great many mental health and addiction treatment programs. For example, this therapy is particularly useful in our PTSD treatment program. It allows the patient to get to the root cause of their condition. Furthermore, it also allows them to begin healing from their past.

At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, we recognize that for many people, their trauma may involve the opposite gender. Therefore, we offer both men’s and women’s treatment centers. This allows you to begin the healing process without the barriers that come along with co-ed treatment.

Get Help at Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center

A trauma therapy program benefits you by providing a space where you can talk about the things that could be hindering your progress in life. Our team of professionals can offer trauma-informed care that teaches you coping skills and how to use tools meant to help you survive and even thrive in the outside world.

Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center offers a variety of different therapies and treatment programs for clients dealing with trauma and other disorders.

Contact us anytime if you want to learn more about the Viewpoint Dual Recover Center’s trauma therapy program or other treatment programs for addiction treatment or substance abuse.

Today is the day to overcome your mental illness and addiction. To learn how a trauma therapy program can help you or to get the admission process call us at 855.746.3633. We promise to keep any information you’ve shared with us confidential. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have the opportunity to free yourself from the physical and emotional pain of your trauma. We are here to offer help when you’re ready.