high functioning depression

Addressing High-Functioning Depression

Those who have struggled with depression may not appear to have any problems out of the ordinary from an outsider’s perspective. People dealing with depression who seem “normal” may be in a stage of “high-functioning” depression. This is not an official diagnosis, but it can accurately describe many people’s situations. Learning more about it is…

family counseling

Benefits of Family Counseling for Addiction & Mental Health

When addiction takes hold, its effects impact not just the individual who’s dealing with addiction but also their family and friends. While loved ones and family members may genuinely care and want to offer support, addiction and its symptoms can often be misunderstood. However, everyone can learn, and family therapy can be a life-changing option…

women learning about clozapine

Does Clozapine Treat Schizoaffective Disorder?

For a person struggling with schizoaffective disorder, having the right access to treatment is critical to reclaiming health and building stability. Finding the right type of treatment for this mental health disorder is often complex because different solutions work for different people. For some, Clozapine may be a solution. Most people with this condition benefit…

man happy he is sober

Tips to Help You Maintain Recovery

After completing an outpatient mental health treatment program, most people want to maintain their recovery. This goal can be made a reality with careful planning and support. It can be easy to feel like finishing treatment will be the end of having to think about psychological recovery; however, it is only the beginning. Although it…

alcoholism and loneliness

Alcoholism and Loneliness

Alcohol addiction affects more than 14 million adults worldwide. We know that addiction is a medical condition that often requires both medical and psychological intervention. We also know that it can be the result of attempting to cope with a mental health condition like depression, bipolar, anxiety, or schizoaffective disorder. Many people who are dealing…

outpatient rehab

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse

Learning that you or a loved one is dealing with dependence on a dangerous substance can be one of the scariest moments in one’s life. Feelings of powerlessness, confusion, fear, desperation, and panic may seem overwhelming. These feelings will pass, though, and as you learn more about what options are available for recovery and healing,…

functioning depression

Addressing Functioning Depression

Some individuals who struggle with depression are able to function in their everyday lives for months or even years. Functional depression can be difficult to diagnose, especially when the coping mechanisms developed don’t appear to impact everyday functioning. At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, we find that many individuals struggling with depression turn to self-medication for…

support groups

Support Groups After Psychiatric Care

Mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder are vastly complex. The problem with many sober living programs in Arizona is the lack of adequate mental healthcare. There is no simple way to know when symptoms will arise or how you will handle challenging situations.  Support groups are a good way to maintain…

alcohol withdrawal

Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal

Individuals who have an alcohol addiction can improve their lives by quitting. However, stopping cold turkey comes with risks. Alcohol withdrawal can produce severe symptoms that range from inconvenient to life-threatening. Professional assistance with stopping alcohol use can help individuals avoid these problems. Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Quitting alcohol suddenly causes a shock to the body.…