If you or a loved one need substance misuse treatment, you may find yourself debating the pros and cons of inpatient and outpatient programs. If you don’t think either option is right for you, consider a partial hospitalization program in Arizona. This modern treatment option gives you the structure and accountability of an inpatient treatment program while allowing you more freedom.

When considering the type of substance abuse treatment that you want to enter, keep in mind that dual diagnosis treatment programs are available even if the partial hospitalization model appeals to you most. You don’t have to choose between treating your mental illness and receiving professional substance abuse help when you choose the Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center.

What Is Partial Hospitalization Treatment?

a doctor helps a patient enroll in a partial hospitalization program in arizona and talks to the patient about php in arizona and php treatmentWhen you enroll in a partial hospitalization program in Arizona, you receive five hours of daily treatment at the recovery center and then return to one of our sober living homes. The amount of time that you spend at the recovery center will vary depending on your needs and the program that you select. When you enroll in a leading dual diagnosis recovery program, you’re likely to work directly with well-trained professionals who tailor your treatment to your unique needs.

Partial hospitalization programs, also known as PHP treatment options, differ from outpatient programs in the level of addiction treatment programs provided from within a rehab facility. Rather than reporting once or twice a week for meetings or therapy sessions, you go to the recovery center daily to receive the same level of care that you might get if you were an in-patient client. The only difference is your ability to return to one of our sober living homes after receiving treatment rather than sleeping in the rehab center.

Services Offered at our Partial Hospitalization Program in Arizona

The compassionate professionals at the Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center understand that some clients need more flexibility in their dual diagnosis treatment. We provide a variety of holistic and traditional programs because we want to meet the needs of every client, whether you’re recovering from alcoholism, heroin abuse, or dependence on any other substance.

Some of the services offered through our partial hospitalization program in Arizona include:

  • Individual or group therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Exercise classes
  • Art and music therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Nutrition, health, and wellness

Our programs extend not only to you as an individual but to your family and loved ones as well. We understand that you have challenges in your daily life, and your family and friends form an essential support network that can help you get through detox and the early days of recovery successfully. We strive not only to help with substance abuse and mental illness but with personal obstacles like self-sabotaging behavior, confidence, and motivation.

Is PHP Treatment Right for You?

The Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center is proud to serve as a trustworthy PHP in Arizona. We accept clients from across the country and look forward to meeting new people who are ready to change their lives for the better.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness and are ready to overcome a dependence on alcohol or drugs, our facility can offer programs that help you successfully recover. You may consider our partial hospitalization program in Arizona if you know you need a structured environment that keeps you accountable and provides a high level of treatment daily. If you can’t enter an inpatient facility full-time, partial hospitalization gives you the structure you need.

Don’t allow your mental illness or addiction to limit your success in life or interfere with your relationships. Enrolling in a high-quality dual diagnosis program will enable you to address all of your issues at once. Contact us today at 855.746.3633 to learn more about our partial hospitalization programs.