A group therapy program in Arizona is an integral part of addiction treatment. Sharing personal experiences with others within a group can be intimidating at first, but our clients find support and understanding when they share with their peers.

What is Group Therapy?a group of people participate in a group therapy program in arizona

Group therapy, in simple terms, is a group of people meeting to talk about a shared issue or experience. Group therapy for addiction in Arizona means that those in recovery will meet and discuss their experiences, struggles, and triumphs. A therapist will lead the group. However, the role of the therapist is to guide the session and set boundaries. The people in the group will be actively involved and determine how the session goes.

Who Needs a Group Therapy Program in Arizona?

Who needs a group therapy program in Arizona? How do you know if you could benefit from this program? Everyone in recovery can likely benefit from therapy. However, to be more specific, group therapy can be beneficial if:

  • You have feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or shame

  • You don’t have a healthy support system

  • You’re struggling to communicate with others, particularly thoughts and feelings

  • You struggle with low self-esteem

A Sense of Belonging

Group therapy for addiction in Arizona offers many benefits. First, it gives you a sense of belonging. Most people with substance use disorders feel like an outcast. You may have lost friends or family due to your addiction. You may feel like no one understands what you are going through. Even well-meaning friends and family don’t often understand the process of addiction and recovery. A group counseling program in Arizona allows you to connect with others that know what you are going through. You are no longer dealing with it alone. This connection creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Talk to People Who Understand

When you are battling an active addiction, you will go to great lengths to hide the problem from others. This effort creates a lot of shame. You may feel guilty about the choices you have made or struggling with addiction in general. Being able to talk with others who understand can help you release these negative feelings.

Form Lasting Friendships

Forming friendships with other members gives you a support system. People you can go to for encouragement or understanding on your good days and bad days. This process is an essential part of a lasting recovery.

Improve Your Communication Skills

When clients enter recovery, they often have a hard time expressing their feelings and communicating effectively. A group therapy program in Arizona is a great way to improve your communication skills. You’ll be able to practice expressing yourself, and the therapist will be there to guide you in the proper techniques to use. Improving communication will improve your relationships long after you leave rehab.

Increase Your Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is a common component of addiction. It may be one of the factors that led you to use in the first place, a result of the struggles of addiction, or both. Building self-esteem is essential to recovery. You need to believe in yourself to stay strong and not fall back into substance use. A group counseling program in Arizona can help build your self-esteem by allowing you to share and have positive interactions with others.

What to Expect With Group Therapy

What can you expect when you enter group therapy? You can expect it to be a safe place to share. What you say in the group remains confidential. In other words, no one should talk about your responses outside of the group setting or with anyone not in the group.

You can expect the therapist to guide and lead, but not do all the work. In individual therapy, the relationship is between the client and the therapist. With group therapy, the focus is on the clients and their relationships with each other. The therapist is there to encourage participation and enforce rules. However, the members of the group often decide who shares and the topics the group discusses.

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