a family learning about the benefits of family therapy

Benefits of Family Therapy

When people attend any type of recovery program. they most often return to the same home environment they were in before treatment. This can be a good thing if the environment is a supportive one. Both mental illness and addiction, however, are family disorders. When one member of the family is experiencing problems, the entire…

a woman talking to her doctor about holistic treatment options

Benefits of Holistic Treatment Options

Holistic treatment options offer addiction recovery clients yet another choice that may better suit their recovery. Every individual is a combination of complicated parts that have added to where they are now. One treatment method isn’t going to benefit every person. Holistic treatment options may include a combination of both alternative therapies and modern medicine.…

a doctor talking to their patient about benefits of a mat program

Benefits of a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program

Medication-assisted treatment (or MAT) has been approved to help fight opioid and alcohol addictions. The benefits of a MAT program are many, the most important being that it helps improve the chances of a person staying clean and sober longer than many programs that use other methods. To date, MAT programs have found their greatest…

a woman hiding in the bathroom as she goes through heroin withdrawal

Stages of Heroin Withdrawal

Heroin addiction is the cause of the largest number of overdose deaths in the country at the moment. Many heroin detox programs are finding themselves consistently at capacity yet there are many more waiting for their chance to enter a detox program. Heroin withdrawal isn’t quite as physically difficult as with some other drugs. However,…

a woman struggling with bipolar disorder

Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is often drastically misunderstood. It doesn’t help that news outlets often point to bipolar disorder as the cause for someone to go on a shooting rampage. In actuality, most people seeking mental health treatment with this disorder never exhibit violent tendencies. many people who seek addiction treatment, however, have an underlying mental health…

a young woman looking at the snow thinking about seasonal depression

How Does Seasonal Depression Affect You?

Depression associated with seasonal changes is known as seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It tends to affect people during the winter months when sunlight is less available. Much like other forms of depression, SAD can have you feeling low, sad, and uninterested in life. If existing mental health conditions seem to get worse…