Many clients find sober living homes in AZ to be the perfect option for recovery. Sober living is similar to other addiction treatment programs, but you have more contact with the world outside of rehab. While you’ll still participate in addiction counseling in Arizona, you have the opportunity to lead an independent and sober lifestyle.

What Are Sober Living Homes in AZ?a man stares at a canyon as he considers sober living homes in az

With sober living homes, AZ residents have a safe place to recover without having to leave behind all of their outside responsibilities. During an inpatient program, clients stay on campus. Often their days are highly scheduled and filled with rehabilitation activities. Clients in sober living stay in provided facilities with other clients as well. However, they are allowed to leave and come back within specific guidelines. Standard rules for sober living facilities include a curfew, maintaining sobriety, and attending recovery meetings or addiction therapy.

Who Needs Sober Living?

Sober living homes are an excellent option for those who are graduating an inpatient program and those who don’t have a stable and sober home environment. It’s also a reliable choice for anyone who is struggling to stay clean and sober. It provides a safe place for you to work on your recovery without the temptations that go along with being entirely on your own. 

Why Should You Consider Sober Living

Living on your own can expose you to issues that increase your risk of relapse during this sensitive time.

Common issues that can cause you to relapse, particularly early in recovery, include:

  • Friends or family members that use drugs or alcohol
  • Relationship stress or conflicts
  • Limited access to therapy and rehabilitation support
  • An environment that reminds you of using drugs

Sober living homes allow you to avoid these potential triggers. As you continue in your recovery, eventually, you will be ready to return to regular life fully. Sober living gives you the time you need to focus on healing while still allowing you to handle your primary responsibilities and feel that you are still engaged in your life. 

Many clients find sober living to be the right level of treatment for their initial recovery. It allows them to take responsibility for themselves and their life while having a stable and safe living environment. This balance can create an ideal environment for recovery. 

Sober living can result in better treatment outcomes, including:

  • Reduced substance use and criminal activity, 
  • Greater mental stability 
  • Increased odds of employment

In addition to being a supportive environment, sober living gives you time. More addiction counseling results in better outcomes. However, many clients aren’t able to spend an extended amount of time in inpatient rehab. Sober living allows them to stay in treatment.

Comfortable Facility

At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, our sober living homes in AZ offer comfortable home environments. You’ll share a home with other residents in recovery, and an onsite manager to ensure safety and accountability. Moreover, amenities include hardwood floors, modern facilities, cable, and wifi. Also, we provide transportation to groups, therapy, and 12-step meetings. Fitness memberships allow the client to improve their health while in recovery. Additionally, spacious bedrooms offer needed privacy. Our Prescott location offers a small-town historic feel and is surrounded by the Prescott National Forrest.

Viewpoint Dual Diagnosis Recovery

If you would like to begin recovering from substance abuse or you are leaving an inpatient rehab and not ready to return to living on your own, sober living homes in AZ are a great option. You can focus on your addiction therapy in a comfortable environment and form friendships with others in recovery. If you are ready to begin your recovery, contact us today at 855.746.3633.