At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, we use many forms of therapy to treat substance abuse disorder and mental illness. One of these approaches includes our dialectical behavior therapy program in Arizona.

What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)?a therapist and patient discuss entering a dialectical behavior therapy program in arizona

Dr. Marsha M. Linehan developed dialectical behavior therapy to help people with severe suicidal thoughts. Dialectical behavior therapy for addiction helps you build the skills needed to deal with emotions and conflicts.

DBT in Arizona has four key components, including:

  • Mindfulness improves your ability to be present in the current moment.
  • Distress tolerance helps you face your negative emotions, rather than seeking an escape.
  • Emotion regulation gives you the tools to manage intense feelings that are creating issues in your life.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness teaches you to communicate assertively, which can strengthen relationships with others and yourself.

We use these concepts in the dialectical behavior therapy program in Arizona to help you deal with harmful thoughts in a healthier way. Ideally, this translates into a reduced risk of relapse and improved mental health.

The Principles of DBT in Arizona

Clients with co-occurring mental health challenges face many challenges in therapy. Dialectical behavior therapy for addiction enhances your efforts to change your attitudes, thoughts, and actions.

Sometimes, those with mental health and substance abuse issues shut down. That makes it hard to work on your attitudes and behaviors. DBT in Arizona attempts to overcome the fear and mistrust by showing you how to control your reactions. As a result, our dialectical behavior therapy program in Arizona increases the likelihood that you will remain in therapy throughout your recovery.

Let our therapists use DBT to bring together the dueling sides of yourself. One side wants to heal. The other side wants to avoid the internal conflict that arises during the recovery process. Our dialectical behavior therapy program in Arizona takes a supportive approach. This approach lets you find your strengths and work toward new behaviors and attitudes.

Part of a Larger Framework

Because DBT in Arizona falls under cognitive-behavioral therapy, it focuses on thought processes or cognition. This taps into your belief systems and assumptions. By challenging irrational beliefs, DBT facilitates behavioral change.

Our dialectical behavior therapy program in Arizona provides structure and accountability. This accountability includes an on-site manager to ensure client safety. Also, Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center provides transportation to individual and group sessions.

DBT in Arizona effectively changes expectations, attitudes, and behaviors. You learn that these attributes can change while accepting things you can’t control. This acceptance is also a major tenet of the 12-step approach, which we also use.

The DBT Approach

The DBT approach affects every part of your life. Dialectical behavior therapy for addiction lets you change certain behaviors while accepting yourself. Like many people, you may feel afraid to change. Our kind, effective therapists help you develop your skills. You can identify parts of yourself that can change. Additionally, we teach you to accept other things you can’t change.

Therapists trained in DBT use several methods to help you reach your goals. Individual and group therapy are part of the equation. However, ad hoc phone consultations help our clients address real-world issues.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program in Arizona

Contact Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center at 855.746.3633 for more information on our dialectical behavior therapy program in Arizona. We use it as part of an evidence-based approach to dual diagnosis recovery. In addition to dialectical behavior therapy, we also provide:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Wilderness therapy
  • Motivational interviewing

Learn to control your feelings and thoughts and gain a real chance at lifelong mental wellness. Your best life is one that is alcohol and drug-free. Therefore, let us help you find it.