There is no cure for addiction. There is hope through comprehensive treatment and ongoing support. At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, we provide this service to you through outstanding care during your recovery. We then stay with you after routine care is done through our aftercare program. It is this combination of ongoing support that can provide you with the best possible addiction treatment for you. To learn more about the aftercare options available at our dual diagnosis treatment program, contact Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center today at 855.746.3633.

What Is an Aftercare Program?

a group therapy session in an aftercare programIt takes many years of ongoing therapy to reach a place of confidence in recovery at last. You do not have to spend all of that time in a treatment center or even getting constant support. Once you are comfortable and doing well with various aspects of your care, you may then get to reduce the amount of care and time you are spending in treatment. We do that through our aftercare program.

We have designed our access programs to provide you with access to the support and counseling you need when you need it. In our other treatment programs, we offer where you will be seen a few times a week. However, in our aftercare program, you are learning, growing, and working on yourself through the challenges of daily life. You can always call us and get the support you need. With less frequent appointments, you’re able to start rebuilding your life.

What Happens After Addiction Therapy?

Every person’s path forward is different. For some people, after completing our treatment programs, such as:

  • Partial hospitalization treatment
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Traditional outpatient program
  • Holistic treatment program

You may be able to go back home and start engaging with life. For most people, though, they may need more help. Some of our clients need help through sober living homes. These are locations you can live while getting the care you need. During this time, you will work within our aftercare program in Arizona to get the level of support required to help you build confidence and skill at managing your addiction.

Why Ongoing Therapy Is So Important

Our aftercare program is designed to empower you. It does not take you out of your daily life as often as other care options. It does ensure you always have access to the treatment you need. By creating this type of plan, you can get exceptional care while you are rebuilding your life. And, that often means less risk of relapse. Because so many people are at risk for relapse, this type of support is so important.

In addition, because we specialize in dual diagnosis treatment, it is vital to attend therapy to manage both your addiction and mental health condition. Without this added bit of support, it is very easy for people to relapse.

However, you may wonder why you should turn to our team for our aftercare program in Arizona? The main reason is that we dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve your best outcome. We do that through innovative counseling, group therapy support, and outstanding individual therapy. You will learn, grow, and be the best version of yourself possible. All you have to do is to commit.

Take a Minute to Call Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center Now

We take pride in helping our clients find the right way forward and then working to maintain it with them. Learn more about our aftercare program or any of our services when you give Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center a call. Our trusted professionals are here to help you. Contact our treatment center at 855.746.3633 today.