Treating Dual Diagnosis

If you or your loved one are struggling with the many challenges that come with mental illness and substance abuse, we can help. The statistics can be overwhelming and scary, but you do not need to be another statistic; Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center has an effective treatment program specific to individuals suffering from Co-Occurring Mental Illness and substance abuse. Click here to contact us today!

Outpatient Treatment Program

Our Outpatient Program offers many of the same benefits of our Extended Treatment Program, but in a less intensive and structured environment. Every week our Outpatient clients attend three group therapy sessions in addition to an individual session with one of our therapists for an average of eight weeks (program duration dependent on client's progress). Clients live at home and travel to the Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, located in Prescott Arizona.

Why Choose Viewpoint

Our unique focus and team of experts allows us to work in conjunction with other treatment centers to support the needs of those clients who have struggled to find help at non-dual diagnosis focused programs.

Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center

The premier Extended Treatment Program in the United States for individuals with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse. Our program is focused on providing clients with a transformative, nurturing and individualized experience, designed to build the self-esteem and skill sets needed to live their “best life” possible. This is achieved through our UHELP™ program model, combined with long-term, structured sober living.

Viewpoint is a unique alternative addiction treatment program

Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center’s holistic, comprehensive treatment program acknowledges that addiction and co-occurring disorders require attention to the mind, body, and soul. We provide our patients with the latest evidence-based, client-focused treatment for addiction and mental disorders. Viewpoint is a unique alternative addiction treatment program. We are an Intensive Outpatient...

What makes Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center different from other Treatment Centers?

The goal of dual diagnosis interventions is to manage both illnesses so that the client can pursue meaningful life goals. Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center simultaneously addresses chemical dependency, substance abuse, and the “associated” conditions or illnesses. Although treatment centers and programs traditionally have focused on drug addiction within the framework...