The term “mood disorder” refers to a class of mental health issues. Mood disorders affect people of all ages, from young children to middle-aged adults. They do not manifest themselves in the same way, which can make treatment of mood disorders somewhat tricky. At Viewpoint Dual Diagnosis Center, we offer a variety of different therapies through our mood disorder treatment program. We are able to help our clients learn to navigate life more healthily.a man discusses a mood disorder treatment program with a woman

Different Types of Mood Disorders

Mood disorder illness causes severe shifts in a person’s mood. Below you will find a list of common mood disorders treated at the mood disorder treatment program at Viewpoint Dual Diagnosis Center.

Major depressive disorder — Major depressive disorders are marked by people getting consumed by feelings of constant sadness and low self-esteem. Clients with major depressive disorder, also called clinical depression, also have trouble feeling interested in anything or finding pleasure in activities they used to enjoy. The symptoms of major depressive disorder typically persist for two weeks or longer.

Bipolar disorder — Bipolar disorder is often difficult to diagnose. People suffering from the condition may express a lot of unrealistic thoughts and experience high energy levels. They often exhibit reckless and self-destructive behavior. The symptoms of bipolar disorder are often mistaken for other mental health issues.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) — Seasonal affective disorder causes people to feel many of the symptoms of depression. It is tied to the levels of sunlight present during the fall and winter. The effects of SAD usually fade during spring and summer.

Causes of Mood Disorders

Many experts believe that mood disorders are caused by an imbalance in a person’s brain chemistry. Other environmental factors, like family history and environment, also play a role in the development of mood disorders. Some common symptoms of most mood disorders include:

  • Feelings of low self-esteem
  • Ongoing feelings of sadness, anxiety, or emptiness
  • Feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness
  • Experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide
  • Lack of interest in activities or maintaining personal relationships

The intensity of feelings brought on by mood disorder is what distinguishes them from normal feelings of sadness. That is why getting help through a mood disorder treatment program is essential to overcoming the disease.

Treating Mood Disorders at Viewpoint Dual Diagnosis Center

Treatment for mood disorders typically involves a combination of medication and psychotherapy. Viewpoint Dual Diagnosis Center also provides a holistic approach to treatment. Clients get the opportunity to participate in alternative therapies that aid in the natural treatment of mood disorders.

  • Yoga
  • Equine Therapy
  • Art Therapy

We also offer traditional therapy treatments in our mood disorder treatment program, conducted under the supervision of therapists and psychologists with a combined 40 years of experience.

We offer both men’s and women’s treatment centers to allow you to recover without the pressure of co-ed treatment.

In addition, we recognize that any clients with a mood disorder also suffer from substance abuse problems and addiction issues. We specifically treat clients with dual diagnoses. Furthermore, we take the time to evaluate everyone under our care and create a customized treatment plan to treat the mind, body, and spirit.

Contact Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center

At Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center, we specialize in treating those with addiction and mental health issues, such as mood disorders. We offer a wide range of evidence-based and holistic treatment options, giving you the best possible chance for recovery. At our treatment center, we customize your treatment based on your unique needs. As such, your treatment may include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Group therapy

You don’t have to battle your addiction and mental illness alone. Learn more about the mood disorder treatment program and other services by contacting Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center at 855.746.3633.